Unisex Salon

An experience to change your expression.

About Us

We are gratified to introduce ourself as a Specialized Unisex Salon in Hair, Skin, Makeup and Beauty Services. We at Lakrich11 Unisex Salon are offering the highest possible professional Hair, Skin, Bridal Make up, Beauty Services with personal care and in a warm, friendly and family-oriented environment.

We believe to give you a unique experience to change your expression and create an environment of satisfaction. In Lakrich 11, the number 11 signifies one on one care as we strongly believe that Beauty service should be a very personalized service.


Our vision is to organize the muddled hair industry prevailing in the country today and hoist it to a level where it equals the global standards. Training the aspiring talents and regularly upgrading their skills is our modest way of benefiting people connected to this part of the grooming market. We hope to see this practice going global very soon.


Lakrich 11- unisex salon  is one of  the finest hair and beauty salons in pune. On its first year, we have won the trust of several clients, who have become our loyal patrons today. We continuously strive to give our customers an enriching experience they would love to revisit and enjoy the services we offer.

Our employees are our assets who are meticulously trained on the innumerable scientific treatment's of hair , skin and make up that would directly benefit our treasured customers. To be even more specific, the methodology that we follow is what we call science-based styling and not just styling based on products.

Unanimously, we all work towards the goal of ensuring complete customer satisfaction and boosting their confidence levels with the right grooming using the right procedure. This is one of the primary reasons why we encourage feedback from our customers – to understand if there is some room for improvement.